Supporting Documents

  1. ECHO Position Statement on Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Assignment Policy (9/15)
  2. Early Childhood Programs/Settings Acceptable as “Accredited Experience” Related to Licensure Upgrade/Renewal (11/15) (.pdf)
  3. Can I Collect Categorical Aid? (6/15)(.pdf)
  4. Where Can Early Childhood Educators Look for Employment? (11/15)(.pdf)
  5. Who Can I Hire as a Teacher/Early Interventionist?(6/15)(.pdf)
  6. Program and contact Information for Unified Early Childhood Teacher Training Programs (2/16) (Programs Leading to Initial Licensure)
  7. Adding ECU to an Elementary License (Information for adding Early Childhood Unified License for those who hold an Elementary Education License)
  8. Summary of Recent Early Childhood Unified Graduates in Kansas (4/14)
  9. Information for Transferring Credit to Kansas Colleges and Universities (2/13)
  10. 2015 Proposed Licensure Standards
    1. Early Childhood Birth to Kindergarten (May, 2015)
    2. Early Childhood Birth to Grade 3 (May, 2015)
  11. Crosswalk Previous VS New Licensure Standards (May, 2015)
    1. Early Childhood Birth to Kindergarten
    2. Early Childhood Birth to Grade 3
  12. Kansas Mentor and Induction Program Guidelines Summary (May, 2015)
  13. District and Induction Program Guidance (April, 2015)
  14. Matrix of Courses Developed Under ECHO 1
  15. ECHO Developed Course Descriptions
  16. Inter-Institutional Planning Document (2/04)
  17. ECHO Fact Sheet (2/04)
  18. Talking Points to Describe ECHO (12/03)
  19. ECHO Subgrants (7/03)
  20. Purpose of ECHO and Activities (From EC Supplement to SIG - 2/03)
  21. State Improvement Grant Supplement Abstract ECHO (2/03)
  22. Early Childhood Institutions of Higher Education Task Force – Position Statement on the Birth Through Grade Three License in Kansas (6/02)
  23. Potential Students for Early Childhood at Community Colleges and Institutions of Higher Education in Kansas – Campbell Document
  24. ECHO Consortium Vision Statement and Guiding Principles (11/02)